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Property Maintenance


1. Weekly tour, external and internal view of the property, and an additional tour in case of bad weather.
2. Weekly cleaning of the garden / environment - garbage removal, dry leaves, etc.
3. Control all electric, water and sewage installations, and all external windows and doors
4. Indoors ventilation, watering flowers and other herbs
5. Key holding
6. Monthly e-mail report to the owner
7. Collecting bills, paying and/or forwarding, according to the previous agreement with the owner
8. Removal of minor faults that the master can perform for an hour or two
9. General cleaning and decorating before the owner arrives
10. Switching on and off electrical appliances (water heaters, refrigerators, heating or cooling, etc ...)
11. Release water from taps


1. Arranging and maintaining gardens, flowers, trees, if desired by the owner
2. Organizing and monitoring repairs in case of major defects or property damage (object + garden)
3. Swimming pool cleaning and maintenance
4. Transfer by car/minivan from airport or bus station to the property
5. Grocery purchase and delivery
6. Property rental services


General cleaning, which is usually done once a year, most often in the spring, will ensure that your facility is clean and fresh, both for you and your guests.

General cleaning includes:
- cleaning and disinfecting all bathrooms
- cleaning and disinfecting the kitchen
- emptying refrigerators and freezers, cleaning and disinfecting
- vacuuming and wiping floors in all rooms
- vacuuming of curtains and mattresses
- emptying all garbage cans, washing and disinfection
- vacuuming and wiping furniture and ornaments
- setting up clean sheets and towels
- cleaning of exterior and interior windows as well as all glass surfaces indoors
- checking all taps, water heaters and other devices
- checking all electrical appliances
- reporting to the owner on the performed general cleaning

Management Price List

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